Our Story

Meet Josie and Amanda


The Hickman Sisters


We created Patty Wagon Taps, the first mobile horse trailer bar conversion in the Tri-Cities area.  Starting this business, while raising our children, has been a true test of our grit and determination.  Apparently, we are stubborn mules, because here we are!

Our business name is inspired by our grandmother, Patty (while at the same time being a wonderful play on the word “Paddy Wagon”). We spent every summer on our grandparent’s Montana ranch, learning the meaning of work ethic, and the power of faith and family.  You fall in love with the freedom that comes with that way of life, it becomes a brand on your soul.

People congregated in Grams home, she drew people in with ease.  Maybe it was the fact that she always had room at her table, a cold beer in the fridge, Schwann’s in the freezer, or maybe it was that she truly loved a full house, that brought people over.  She now lives in assisted living, but that hasn’t diluted the fact that she is country, western, and ALL class.  Her welcoming spirit is what we envision and strive to bring into our business.

As much as we would like to claim this brilliant idea, it is not original.  It was brought to our attention from a friend in Wyoming.  Then began the countless hours searching Pinterest and Instagram.  We found inspiration from the amazing bars across the nation and decided that this is something we really wanted to do, something the Tri-Cities was missing.

With a ton of help from family and friends, we took a 1979 custom stock trailer and converted it into a BYOB (bring your own beverage) vintage mobile bar for rent/hire.  This means that you buy the alcohol and we provide the bar and ALL the tools, bartenders, decorations, and games.  

We have finally finished creating a space where people gather in awe and celebration, to find that welcoming comfort everyone found in Patty’s home. We like to think renting from us, is renting a little piece of that country class our world needs. 

Our humble beginnings: Rusty Red.

Patty, AKA Gram, on her 90th Birthday.

When asked what she would like for her birthday, she said, ” I want a Kegger.”  So, she got one.